Voices Through the Mask Podcast

Made with Adobe Draw

This image is a submission for a the cover of the Voices Through the Mask podcast. Within the silhouette are words I felt relate to the effects of the pandemic and other common vocabulary. I was so excited to hear that my cover art was chosen. Though looking back, I wish I would’ve written the title in a neater font. Nonetheless, I’m still very proud of it.

About the Podcast

One of the biggest projects of our class was to create a podcast series which we titled Voices Through the Mask. As undergraduate students, our experience during the pandemic is quite unique. In this podcast series, we present arguments and intriguing dialogue from memes to vaccines in light of the pandemic. I worked with co-producers Saketh and Neil to create three podcasts episodes about memes, Zoom, and fashion during the pandemic.

Listen to The Podcasts

Unmasking the Memes

Summary This edition of Voices Through The Mask presents an entertaining and informative analysis of Covid-19 memes. Memes have had a significant role in representing and shaping individuals’ thoughts and behaviors during the pandemic. Covid-19 has led people to new and unique experiences that have manifested in the medium of internet memes. Join us as we venture out to reflect about and unpack this cultural phenomenon. Reflection In our first installment of the Voices Through the Mask podcast, Saketh, Neil, and I analyze a series of popular memes and trends we’ve witnessed one various social media platforms with an aim…

Zooming Through Doom

Summary The use of zoom in education during the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered how students learn and is often criticized for making academic life more difficult and unmotivating. However, it has actually offered a plethora of new resources and opportunities that continue to shape how students learn even in an in-person environment. Therefore, zoom and online learning may have made learning more manageable and easy to cope with even amidst their negative associations. ZOOM in with us to take a closer look at this multifaceted situation.  Reflection In our second podcast, we discuss the effects of zoom learning from…

Infectious Fashion

Summary Let’s face it. Moving from pressuring professional environments to the comfortable confines of our homes pushed many individuals to stop paying attention to their aesthetics and fashion during the COVID 19 pandemic. However, others seized the free time to incorporate fashion trends unique to the pandemic into their lives. Therefore, social isolation seems to have created an environment where people can experiment and reinvent their wardrobe through novel fashion trends. Reflection After making two podcasts, Sak, Neil and I were more accustomed to recording, so this time making the podcast felt more natural. Despite being more experienced, coming up…