Literacy Narrative

Literacy Narrative: A Collab (Reflection)

My second literacy narrative I titled “I was in toxic relationship, but we’re good now.” Clickbait is what attracts views and other insights, so I figured I would give the title a trick name as an experiment. Why was I in a toxic relationship you ask? Click here to find out.

Did it work?

My updated literacy narrative is much different than what I’d originally put together. While some elements from the previous were incorporated in this version, I’d say the focus has shifted from what technologies I used in the past and what they made me feel to a more structured narrative. In fact, the opening to my new narrative actually opens with its reflection posts.

I noticed, I was trying too hard avoid being too formal awhile adding more personality to my previous narrative, I actually overlooked writing a well structured thesis. As a consequence as my professor Professor Morgen told me in our meeting, I had a very chronologic approach to explaining how technology served as a medium to express myself creatively as opposed to following the ABT theory we learned in class. ABT or and, but, therefore is a writing technique developed by Randy Olsen used for writing a more compelling thesis. My and and and format was bland, and needed a tighter thesis. Reading over my draft now, it honestly makes me cringe. Though I’m pretty sure reading over my updated narrative will still make me cringe. I suppose thats a natural feeling when reading your own work.

The process of writing this was much different compared to the first other pieces of writing. To begin, I started by reading other students literacy narratives and reviewing the feedback provided by Professor Morgen. After reviewing both, I decided it was best to basically trash my original concept and really hone in on the effects technology has had on me as a content creator over the years.

It was really cool to reference other student’s work in my own and turn a paper from a single perspective into one that is more dynamic, and a piece of network of our opinions.

NOTE: For the purpose of the narrative, I did tend to focus on the negatives of technology and avoiding it as a whole. However, I will mention, I didn’t completely ghost technology. My distaste was more projected upon computers as a result of use relating to stressful academics. I hopped on the DSI train and other cool gadgets real quick, as I desperately wanted to raise puppies on Nintendogs and make cool animations on Fipnote. 


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