What’s in my bag?

The Contents

On a typical school day, I carry my laptop, my iPad– which I take most of my notes on, my spiral folder for papers/written notes, a calculator, my glasses, two pencils (one with red led and one with grey), a pen, my wallet, a head scarf, earphones, a snack/candy (licorice which I actually was not a fan of), a mask, two bags containing chargers and cosmetic items, and most importantly, a warm cup of tea. Todays tea was hibiscus and clove with honey.

No matter where I go, I like to carry almost all these items with me (with an exception of the calculator, laptop, iPad, and notebook).

Because I usually carry a different bag with me everyday, I tend to forget at least one item when I’m transferring items from bag to bag. My most essential item (besides a wallet) I would say are my earphones. Listening to music brings me peace and helps me reflect and focus on whats important.

Along with the photo and your description of the items, include a paragraph reflecting on what it was like to craft a self-portrait through this photograph. How actually representative is this image of you as a person? What sorts of choices did you make in order to create the image? What was challenging about this assignment? Is representing yourself in a catalog of the stuff in your bag a type of writing? Why or why not?

A Self Portrait

These items a carry with me I feel represent me as a person. What says the most about me is my collection of chapsticks, cup of tea, and the scarf.

An Aspiring Artisan

After reflecting on these images, I’m noticing I carry a lot of chapstick with me. One doesn’t really work (Carmex), one is whipped shea butter, one just smells good, and the little one with the blue lid is my favorite. It’s a blend of honey, shea butter, castor oil, and Vasaline. I love making my own cosmetic products such as lotion, face and lip moisturizers, and hair products.

Tea Enthusiast

If you haven’t already noticed, I love tea. If I’m carrying a bag, there is a 99.9% chance there is also a mug of tea somewhere in there. This also means I have experienced multiple accidents in which I used a faulty mug and spilled tea all over my belongings. Which is partially why most things I own smell like sweet herb.

Religious & Prepared

This is my favorite black scarf. As a person with curly type 4 hair living in this hot and humid state of Georgia, I use the scarf to tie down my hair to reduce frizz while on the go.

I also enjoy taking periodic naps around campus, such as in the Cox Computing room. I absolutely cannot sleep peacefully without a scarf on because for laying my hair on certain surfaces may cause friction and lead to breakage and extra frizz. I’ve become so used to wearing a scarf while resting that I feel uncomfortable without it

This scarf is also a head-covering for prayer. If my head is not already covered, I can easily whip out this scarf when I need to pray.

Cosmetic bag

Chargers & a tiny notebook

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