Podcast Reflection

Zooming Through Doom


The use of zoom in education during the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered how students learn and is often criticized for making academic life more difficult and unmotivating. However, it has actually offered a plethora of new resources and opportunities that continue to shape how students learn even in an in-person environment. Therefore, zoom and online learning may have made learning more manageable and easy to cope with even amidst their negative associations. ZOOM in with us to take a closer look at this multifaceted situation. 


In our second podcast, we discuss the effects of zoom learning from a student perspective. Generally from what I’ve heard, Zoom learning was not something many students were a fan of. It’s a little awkward, can be tricky to use, just doesn’t feel the same as being in a classroom with other students. In this podcast, however, we argue that the benefits Zoom learning may be overlooked, and actually shape the way we learn in a positive way into the future.

Recording this podcast felt much more conversational than the last one, which I think overall made it much more engaging and easier to edit. I also incorporated sound effects from Zoom and used them to indicate transitions in our argument.

I enjoyed the music selection of this podcast more than the first one. We also used a higher quality microphone which should’ve made voices more clear and easier to understand.

Or so I thought..

After listening to the podcast through regular speakers, I had to turn it off.

My ears are in pain !

The audio quality was somehow bold yet muddy, muffled, and unclear compared to listening with my headphones (Which I now realize were broken). The mid and upper frequencies were too high which made it difficult to understand what we are saying and lowers the overall quality of our podcast unfortunately. This was quite heartbreaking to realize because we’d worked very hard to make an effective argument that won’t even be heard. The affect of embellishments added during the editing process will also be lost.


Like the other podcasts, collaboration was key. We also had to translate our argument into the an aural mode. This process was similar to how we did in the previous podcast. It was much easier, now that we had more experience.

Zooming Through Doom was honestly my favorite podcast. I liked the way it was edited and my coproducers and I had so much fun making it, it’s a shame the final product did not live up to expectations. I will need to pay more attention to detail and definitely upgrade my headphones to ones that actually work. Reviewing your work before submission is so important to avoid failures like this.

Cover Art

The cover of the podcast was inspired by the zoom logo and zoom colors. It features a masked person logging into zoom using a COVID-19 laptop. The words zoom are wrapped around the persons head as if he were sleeping or just ~consumed~ by the zoom.


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