Unmasking the Memes


This edition of Voices Through The Mask presents an entertaining and informative analysis of Covid-19 memes. Memes have had a significant role in representing and shaping individuals’ thoughts and behaviors during the pandemic. Covid-19 has led people to new and unique experiences that have manifested in the medium of internet memes. Join us as we venture out to reflect about and unpack this cultural phenomenon.


In our first installment of the Voices Through the Mask podcast, Saketh, Neil, and I analyze a series of popular memes and trends we’ve witnessed one various social media platforms with an aim to unmask the underlying implications they may have had on our thoughts and behaviors over the course of the pandemic.

As a meme connoisseur myself, I felt tying aspects of the pandemic to this podcast media would be a unique and interesting concept to talk about. Though I think we had informative content and analysis, I feel our discussion and the overall production of our podcast could’ve been executed better. It is ironic that although we were talking about memes, a media that is supposed to be funny and entertaining, our conversation was a bit dry and lacking in energy.

This was my first time making and editing a podcast. While I am familiar with editing audio, editing a podcast specifically was very new to me. Because our conversation felt a bit dry, I tried to make the podcast more engaging by incorporating various audio clips, sound effects, and music. I searched youtube and other media sites for memes that reflected the topic.

Listening to the podcast, I noticed there were several error I made while editing. This podcast was recorded on an iPad, so the audio quality is low and the background noise is too noticeable. There were some times the music and audio clips were overpowering. I could’ve done a better job leveling out the volume and managing the EQ to make it more audibly appealing.

Cover Art

The design of the cover was inspired by the toilet paper meme

Overall, for our first podcast, I felt we did a decent job. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next one goes and will hopefully make some major improvements.


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