My landing page can be found here

Making this landing page was very interesting and unlike anything I’d really done before. My prior, though relatively limited experience with html was from an environmental data science class I took in the spring of 2020. This class primarily dealt with spatial projections and doing statistical analysis of agricultural data. After generating results or projecting a certain map, we would convert our work from an R file to html in order to make it more readable and appealing.

That being said, while I do know a bit a code, this was a big learning experience for me. I used Professor Moregen’s landing page as a template and manipulated the different codes to change the appearance of my landing page. I was able to do this by adding different colors, fonts, and adjusting the font size on the style.css file.

The theme for this page was based off of a sky image I found on The colors I used were all selected from this image as well. I wanting the landing site to feel very warm and hopefully welcoming!


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