Literacy Narrative Reflection

Literacy Narrative Reflection

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Technology over the years has both inspired and in some ways highlighted some of my greatest insecurities in writing. However, it continues to be a medium I enjoy using to transform my thoughts and emotions into digital visuals. Thus, in this post I will be reflecting on how technology has shaped me as a person and my ambitions.

It’s interesting– I feel like I was born in some sort of buffer period right before technology really became so infused in our daily lives. I question whether I was among of the last generation to be raised with a mindset not entirely dependent on technology, at least initially in childhood– unlike this new generation of iPad kids. Regardless, I anticipate the future of technology to be promising, but am apprehensive about its implications.

The initial writing process was rather freeing and refreshing. I enjoyed taking this less restrictive approach to writing. Though, my free writing was actually several paragraphs long, only a few of those concepts were used in my first narrative draft, which you can read here.

After reading other students narratives and doing some revision, I made a lot of changes to my narrative which you can read here:)


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